Services and Repairs

Special Car Services, Inc.

We work on Mercedes Benz and Mercedes Benz only. From simple maintenance to complex repairs, nothing is too small or too big as long as it is on a Mercedes Benz. The oldest model, at this time, is a 1959 Mercedes and the newest is a 2016. That alone explains why we work on Mercedes Benz only. Operating on our level, we simply have no time to consider any other brand to work on. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

Maintenance Services and Repairs

Our above average clientele confirms that “Quality, rather than Quantity” is the business model they prefer. Maintaining your Mercedes Benz is not limited to just changing oil, replacing filters and resetting the computer. If you entrust your car to a workshop, you should feel comfortable with your decision.

When it is time for your next scheduled maintenance service or your next needed repair, take the opportunity to get to know us.